Emergency Response Planning (ERP)

Emergency Response Plans (ERP) are a critical element of any group or companies business continuity and disaster recovery plans. These plans lay out how an organization will respond, who within and outside of the organization will respond, how these personnel will respond, and define what they will respond with. A good ERP needs to cover any type of incident your organization may experience, or what is known as All Hazards planning. Your ERP should list all of your internal response personnel, list contact information, describe off-site, or non-impacted facilities, or locations to be used as staging areas, or off-site command posts.

Whether you have a plan in place today that you want reviewed, or you are integrating new security and safety solutions or procedures, the experts at our disposal can assist you, this is what they do each and every day.

Why Emergency Response Planning with GEOS

GEOS has a certified team of professionals that can assist you with everything from emergency response planning to risk assessment and vulnerability assessments. These professionals work with organizations and corporations all over the world, and understand the types of events that can occur and how to best mitigate them if and when they occur.

Emergency Response Planning

What's included?

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    Emergency Response Planning Review

    Our Emergency Planning professionals will want to meet with you and your team to discuss your ERP needs. If you have an existing one that you want reviewed or are making changes to it will be the driver for who on your team our professionals will want to meet with. Our goal is to ensure that you have the most comprehensive, all-inclusive and all-hazards ERP you can have.

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    Table-Top Exercise for your Staff

    The physical safety and security professionals from GEOS can also develop and conduct table-top exercises for your staff, regardless of where they are located. These exercises help your entire team to understand what is expected and will occur during various event-types that may impact your organization, or enterprise anywhere in the world. In fact, these exercises can be conducted in several different languages.

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    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

    The business continuity and disaster recovery planning professionals from GEOS, including from our certified-partners, can assist you ensure that your organization, and entire enterprise can continue operations, enduring any number of events that can impact operations.

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