Group and Corporate Travel Safety Solutions

GEOS has been providing Travel Safety Solutions since 2004 to groups and corporations, and added 24x7 monitoring in 2007. We provide various levels of travel safety services to best map into your group or enterprise needs. Because we are GEOS, we are able to offer and support solutions anywhere in the world. Travel safety solutions provided by GEOS, go beyond simple itinerary reviews or emergency assistance, we offer two-way communications and notifications, broadcast communications, checkin services, etc. Whatever you team members need, it's likely that we have it as part of our robust travel safety and security portfolio.

Why Group and Corporate Travel Safety by GEOS?

GEOS has a history of protecting people and assets where ever they are in the world. GEOS offers a combination of products, services and benefits to ensure your people are well protected while traveling. We have integrated solutions for Cellular and Satellite, for instantly reaching assistance. All in the palm of your hand!

What's included?

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    Remote Check In and Incident Alerting

    The travel safety solution from GEOS Safety and Response covers all of your duty of care requirements. Our solution allows you to set a check-in schedule based on actual time of the day with configurable intervals, or for most situations you can opt for a configured check-in interval and have the "clock" start as soon as the first check in is sent. If a user misses a check in, the FEMA-certified team at GEOS will receive and alert and based on the policy and procedure put in place, GEOS will take immediate steps to ensure your employee is safe. Or if your employee is in need of assistance, they can send an SOS alert direct to the team at the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC).

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    GEO-Fence Monitoring

    The GEOS Solutions also allows you to easily set up a geofenced area for your employees, so if they exit the provisioned area and alarm is immediately generated and sent to the IERCC. This is handy in high-risk environments where an employee could be taken hostage, but it is also good for travel routes, etc. GEOS can help you determine what is best for your needs.

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    Two-Way Communication

    The travel safety solutions provided by GEOS, provide for two-way communication, not just during emergency, but at any time. You can select to communicated between any two users, or you can send broadcast messages to all of your staff anywhere in the world, and to receive position and status reports from those remote personnel.

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    Situational Awareness Monitoring

    It is important to have a singular global view showing the safety status of all of your traveling personnel and that is what GEOS exclusively provides to you. A worldwide view of where your people assets are, and their current status. In case of an emergency incident this same platform is capable of providing real-time information feeds. Information is constantly being collected during an incident, which is needed by those responding to the event. This information comes from location data, communications with those involved and correlating this information in the GEOS Incident Management System. This allows first responders to keep apprised of the situation in real-time!

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    Global Itinerary Planning and Review

    The travel safety and security experts at GEOS can review travel plans for safety concerns, make recommendations and validate various country issues. In fact, GEOS can also review global airline safety records and provide data on various carriers.

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    Worldwide Safety and Security Alerting

    If conditions are changing where a team member is traveling, or there are alerts regarding weather, natural disaster, civil uprisings, or other events that may threaten or change the safety of any member of your team, GEOS will automatically alert the individual(s) about the event as they unfold.

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    Alternate Communication Plans

    Depending on where you are traveling you may have a need for an alternate communications plan such as a satellite device. You never know when a crisis might strike and normal communications are down.

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    GlobalEye and Threatwatch

    You will receive access to and alerts from the GEOS Safety and Response Global threat watch and notification system as well as periodic updates on the safety and security of areas of interest around the globe.

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    Search and Rescue Expense Coverage

    For groups that are traveling off the beaten path, we offer as part of our group travel safety program a plan that covers up to $100,000 per year of any expenses incurred to search for and rescue a covered member of your team. There are differences in the plans so be sure to speak with a member of our team.

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    Medical Evacuation Coverage

    As an intricate part of any sound travel safety program, Medical Evacuation needs to be considered. We at GEOS not only believe it, we have priced our medevac solution so competitively it is near impossible not to add it to your travel safety portfolio.

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